Based on Microsoft’s VHD technology, our image management solution addresses the need for centralized Windows-based client management. Hence, Eboot is one of the most efficient solutions of its kind on the market.


Easy to use

Our image management solution’s UI is very intuitive and simple to use, so every task is done in an easy manner. The usual 80-to-20 maintenance-to-innovation ratio is actually reversed. Therefore, less time is spent on maintenance and there’s more time to spend on innovation.

Initial setup takes less than 1 hour.

Fast Deployment Time

The average deployment time of our image management solution, calculated from booting up the server, installing it and successful deployment to 20 clients is less than 2 hours.

Typical solution deployment time for one client is about 5 minutes.

Deployment on multiple clients can be done in parallel.


There is no limit on the number of managed clients per server. However we recommend up to 40 clients per Gbit port.

Our image management solution scales with multiple NICs on one server.

As a result, update deployments usually take about 10 minutes.


By using modern programming techniques, together with continuous and rigorous testing, our image management solution should be correct by design.

Also, our Support Department handles eventual bugs, crashes, etc. with utmost diligence.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our image management solution brings up to 70% upfront lower licensing costs, up to 50% lower hardware costs (including lower power and cooling requirements = lower electricity needs and bills) and lower overall maintenance costs (translated into less labor/hour costs).


Unlike other products on the market, our image management solution includes all features in one package.  Therefore, there’s no need of buying and combining different modules to get the same result: a managed environment.

Active Directory Integration

Our image management solution joins the clients to the existing company domain and maintains this membership, even if a different Windows image is loaded.

Compatible and Affordable

Our image management solution can run on most 64-bit architectures. Consequently, there’s no need for dedicated server hardware requirements, thus Eboot being one of the most affordable image management solutions on the market.

Quality of Support

We have a skilled and experienced team of software professionals, in order to offer complete solution support, whether it’s deployment, maintenance or troubleshooting.

Areas of Use

image management solution for Education


For example, multiple images based on software packages based on particular disciplines can exist simultaneously on the same machine or they can be downloaded from the server within minutes.

Switching between deployed images is done within minutes (for instance, during breaks).

image management solution for the Public Sector


Due to its scalability, our image management solution controls from tens to thousands of clients from a single pane of view.

Required updates and clean OS image deployments are scheduled easily and executed accordingly.

image management solution for the Private Sector


Updating the client environment with the latest image through our image management solution has never been easier.

Furthermore, deployment of the new snapshots containing the required updates is done in matter of minutes, while running.

For example, call centers are great candidates for our solution.

Eboot features vs the competition



Snap Deploy

On-premises dedicated “server” app installation
Centralized multiple image storage and management on the server app
No additional third-party license requirements for “server” app installation
Multiple OS images on the same machine for easy switching
Wired and wireless client-server connection
Supported OS imaging: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, all editions
All-in-one licensing model
Perpetual- and subscription-based licensing
Complete solution support in Romanian and English

*1: SmartDeploy requires an internet connection to its website for account creation and installation package download.
*2: Acronis Snap Deploy requires a particular license to be purchased for multiple OS images on the same machine.
*3: Acronis Snap Deploy is available only as perpetual licensing, SmartDeploy is available only as a 1- or 3-year subscription.



Our current image management solution works deployed on-premises, standalone or integrated with Active Directory.
For the optional Active Directory integration, the Domain Controller has to run on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
The cloud-hosted version will be released in the future.

Recommended server configuration

Clients change booted images rarely, all images are available at all times

Less than 20 clients

  • 4GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 1 GB Ethernet port

More than 20 clients

  • 8GB RAM
  • 2 TB HDD
  • 2x1GB Ethernet ports

Clients change booted images frequently, these are rotated in and out of existence on the clients consistently

Less than 20 clients

  • 2GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • 1 GB Ethernet port

More than 20 clients

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 TB SSD
  • 4x1GB Ethernet ports or 1x10GB Ethernet port

Recommended client configuration

Our image management solution supports the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both Pro and Enterprise versions.

The recommended client hardware is: Gbit port for fast image downloads, 4GB of RAM (or higher for multitaskers) and HDD. However, 8GB of RAM or SSD assure best performance.

Eboot functionality diagrammes


For our image management solution, we offer the following services: deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting.

These services are based on a ticketing model: the 1st ticket is free for every new client. Access to supplementary tickets is available for a fee, either one at a time or in bundles of 5 or 10 tickets.

Delivery of these services is made by phone and email.


Our image management solution’s licensing model is based on the number of concurrent connections to the server. For example, if a client (physical machine) connected to the server runs (at least) an additional virtual machine which connects to the server, an additional license is required for every virtual machine connected to the server.

The license allows client connection to the server and image management.

We are not culpable for end users violating the licensing rules of the software included in the images, because the management of those licenses is the sole responsibility of the end users.

For pricing inquiries, please contact us at sales@eboot.io.


What’s the size of the snapshots containing the changes?2017-09-15T07:54:10+00:00

The size varies, depending on the changes to be implemented, hence, we cannot estimate a theoretical size.

Does the client require reboot after a received update?2017-09-15T07:48:35+00:00

The client doesn’t explicitly require reboot after a received update, because the updating process doesn’t interrupt the current session. However, the update is applied after the next reboot, not during the current session, so, if the update is critical, a reboot is required.

Does the solution support Active Directory integration?2017-09-15T07:55:08+00:00

Yes, our solution supports Active Directory integration; it joins the clients to the existing company domain and it maintains this membership, even if a different Windows version is loaded.

Does the solution require internet connection?2017-09-15T07:48:35+00:00

Our solution doesn’t require internet connection, it is designed to function in a closed network, either over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Does the solution require dedicated hardware or can it run on a virtual machine?2017-09-15T09:31:59+00:00

There is no need for dedicated hardware, our solution can run on a virtual machine.

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